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 I will start this article with a disclaimer.  This is my first blog post and I am a student at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge.   This blog is an assignment where I prove to the professors that I can achieve viral marketing with a post of a start-up idea or business.  So if you have sympathy for my risk taking please like me on Facebook and retweet the article, and tell your friends.

Instead of a start-up business or idea, I decided to take my business school knowledge and apply it to a man who has been influential and around my entire life, Mike Ditka. 

First, Mike Ditka should have his own business school.  The school would be called Ditka’s School of Management (a.k.a If you say more than one word when Ditka asks you a question, Wilbur Marshall will Terry Tate you.  Probably safe to say this would be a business school targeted to mute children). See video below minute 2:02, ferocious.

Second, the business school would be pretty marketing focused.  Competing with the likes of Northwestern’s School of Management Kellogg and MIT’s Marketing Program.  Why?  Because Ditka is probably the greatest brand and brand manager in the United States.

Lastly, Ditka,  has the most consumer facing brands out of any individual person…ever.  To give you an idea of the few brands he has his name on (Ditka burgers, cigars, beer, protein powder, steaks, wine, golf equipment, restaurants, and the list goes on and on).

Now to the meat of the blog.  Ditka is a genius.  Think about it.  His persona and his go to market strategy is to target people like him or that want to be him.  Like Michael Jordan, Ditka epitomizes a man’s man.  Thus his target market are men that are interested in sports, and the aura that is Mike Ditka. His job is easy.  He understands how to build, market, and sell his product because he is selling it to himself.  Out of all the go-to market strategies I have studied, Ditka has the winning formula.  Sell to himself, Act as your own sales force, and Be your own customer support.  Although I believe his customer support is to chew you out in public and potentially hurricane you.

Ditka is also a genius and a lesson learned for all business school students.  Inbound marketing is a new buzzword with social networking and web 2.0.   Inbound marketing really means  a way to generate buzz for your own company, personal brand, or products through blogs, word of mouth, twitter, etc…Ditka doesn’t need twitter.  People tweet about him.  Yes, it helps that he is Da coach and the greatest TE to ever play the game.  But he has continued that brand as his career in the NFL has expired.  He was a hustler, which every entrepreneur should be.  He continued to market himself to audiences that understood him, always carried himself with a cigar and swagger that could be viewed as a facade, but ended up becoming a persona that we all viewed and loved.  Ditka needs no fancy digital or social media strategy.  He achieved the viral coefficient of marketing by continuing to carry himself, as himself, in a very consistent manner.  In today’s world consistency is king, especially since real-time communication over web 2.0 platforms has caused individuals to think variety and diversity is king.

Being from MIT, where analytics and data are king, I take a huge lesson from Ditka.  Don’t forget what generates those positive analytics.  The step before is to make sure the perception of your personal brand fits your target market and who you are selling to.

To summarize, all entrepreneurs should consider the Ditka business model when starting a business as opposed to direct selling, OEM, or franchise:

1) Find someone like Ditka to endorse your product or service and make sure that person’s swagger fits your target market

2) Be consistent with your personal brand, communication, and go to market strategies every day

3) Consider launching one product, test the markets, find your niche, go viral in that niche (WITHOUT WEB 2.o) then launch a million other products to that niche and watch your empire expand

4) Ask the 85 bears to be your debt collectors and security guards

Go Bears.  @Brian_Urlacher if you win a Superbowl, I promise I will blog about you as a brand next (@CBSSportsNFLCHI) (@ChrisHarrisNFL) (@gregolsen82 ) (@D_Hest23) (@JayCutler6)


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